AeternoBlade Wiki

A long, long time ago in the 4th dimension there existed a race of beings called "Inhumen" or "God Lords". Watching human from above, Lord of Chronos, one of the God Lords, created three time artifacts named AeternoBlades with the intention of allowing travel between dimensions.

However, their mere existence created a gap between dimensions. Human darkness spread to the God Lords' 4th dimension. God Lords that touched the darkness became Demons. Demons brought calamity to the all dimensions and began the Dimension War.

In the end, all the AeternoBlades were sealed in the far depths of the Everlasting Void, the dimension that exists between human and god dimensions.

AeternoBlade of Past[]

AeternoBlade of Past.png

Freyja's AeternoBlade is in the form of sword. It has decent power, range, speed, and comes with the ability to reverse time.

  • Time Reverse: Everything except Freyja will be played back. Some green flashing objects called timeless objects, however, cannot be played back by this ability.
  • Time Wap: Place the marker at Freyja's current position. After that, when pressing the button again, Freya will be warped back to the marker. Helps to solve puzzles and avoid attacks in battle.

AeternoBlade of Present[]

AeternoBlade of Present.png

Bernard's AeternoBlade is in the form of a halberd. It has more power than the sword but less speed.

  • Time Stop: All objects will stop moving. Bernard can make stacking attacks to the stopped enemy, make them to stand ground, and can change the direction of moving projectiles.
  • Stone Breaker: The Halberd can be used to destroy obstacles that it normally cannot. Helps to make new paths.

AeternoBlade of Future[]

AeternoBlade of Future.png

Felix's AeternoBlade is in the form of a whip blade. It has less power than the others but has the benefit of high speed.

  • Parallel Self: Felix can use his AeternoBlade to record his action, then come back to the present and make his copy attack enemies or solve puzzles.
  • Hook chain: The whip blade can be used to hook objects to help him move up to far higher platforms.