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Freyja is a proud made warrior from the village of Ridgeroad. It is her duty to protect the village, and she takes this duty very seriously, devoting herself to its safety. Aided by her talents with a sword and her kind heart, she successfully protects the village from countless harms.

Her world was shattered when the Dark Lord of the Mist unleashed his fiends and demons upon them. Despite her courage, Freyja was beaten by the Dark Lord and Ridgeroad was burnt to the ground.

Without the village, Freyja lost her purpose and fell into despair. Given new hope by a mysterious man, he gave her the AeternoBlade with his last breath.

AeternoBlade 2[]


After succeed in defeating the demon lord of darkness, Beladim, and helping her village, Zevil and Carol are alive again in the new timeline. Now back to the peaceful life as a guard of the village, her story is just beginning.